Ancient recipes tell us that the small violet/black açaí berries have been consumed for hundreds of years throughout northern Brazil. Amazonian palm trees (Euterpe Oleracea, also known as açaí palm trees) produce these berries which are harvested between June and December and mashed to juice which has a unique taste, like cacao and grape.

The açaí berry is very valuable because of its high level of antioxidants. Studies show that these fruits have ten times as much antioxidant properties as the common dark grape. This high amount of antioxidants, combined with a high level of proteins, reduce free radicals and therefore positively affect the whole organism.

Keyword: “Anti-Aging”. In recent years, this fruit has rapidly grown in popularity. Native people and those on the surf-scene have promoted this small berry all across Brazil, so that it is now synonymous with a trendy life style in the fitness and sports world.  Furthermore, the natural chemicals in açaí berries help to replenish energy and strengthen the immune system.

“Secreto del Sur” products with açaí

  • Açaí Smoothii
  • Açaí Puro
  • Açaí Energy