Gofio is the oldest traditional staple food in the Canary Islands. Originally made from barley, today it is made from flour, roasted corn, wheat or millet and still it is an inherent part of the island’s food. Gofio flour is mixed with cold or warm water to mash, paste, dumplings or to make bread. It's also mixed with other food and even served sweet with bananas, honey and nuts. In comparison to flour, gofio doesn't need to be cooked or baked before eating. It can also be eaten as a side dish.

The healthy living revival helped gofio to refurbish its image, since the flour doesn't contain any other additives but sea salt. Furthermore, it is rich in vitamin B and C, as well as proteins and minerals like iron, calcium, magnesia and zinc.

Our “Secreto del Sur”-gofio is milled from corn and is an ideal energy supplement for children, teenagers, sportsmen and women and all people who have an active lifestyle.

“Secreto del Sur” products with gofio

  • Gofio Puro