Guaraná is an Amazonian creeping plant with red fruit. The plant is named after the Guaraní Natives of Brazil, who pick, roast and pulverise the fruit and its seeds. Guaraná powder is reputed to be their nutritional substitute and energy provider on expeditions.

The Guaraná fruit has many healthy properties. Its consumption is stimulating and benefits brain activity. When fatigued, guaraná increases a person’s endurance and to combat fever, it acts as an antipyretic. Nowadays, guaraná is especially used because of its coffein content. The seeds contain between 3,5 % and 5 % coffein but compared to coffee, guaraná doesn't make you nervous, but simply exhilarant and this effect lasts four to six hours. In Brazil, guaraná powder is in daily use and is an irreplaceable supplement for sportsmen and women to enhance performance and strength.

Our guaraná powder has its origins in Brazil and is an important part of our energy drinks “Açaí Energy” and “Guayaba Energy”.

“Secreto del Sur” products with guaraná

  • Açaí Energy
  • Guayaba Energy
  • Guaraná Mix