The yellow-green guayaba fruit (also known as guava) has its origins in Peru and is grown in many tropical and subtropical countries. Its tree is a subculture of myrtle plants (clove, eucalyptus) and the fruits, with smooth and edible parings and creamy pulp, have an intensive aroma. Guayaba fruits can be obtained from summer to the beginning of winter. The taste reminds you of a mix of pear, banana, and strawberry.

The various properties of Guayabas supplement a healthy life style. The fruit contains a high amount of potassium as well as important minerals and vitamins such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and pro-vitamin A. Guayabas are a very good alternative to citrus fruits because the vitamin C level is five times higher than that of an orange.

Secreto's dried guayaba powder is imported from Brazil. We use guayaba in many products, such as “Mate Mix”, “Guayaba Energy” and “Guayaba Smoothie” because of its many positive properties and its unique, fruity aroma.

“Secreto del Sur” products with guayaba

  • Guayaba Puro
  • Guayaba Smoothii
  • Guayaba Energy