Secreto del Sur: Live life to the full!

Secreto del Sur was founded by two professional aquatic sportsmen in 1996 in Fuerteventura. The mild climate and optimum aquatic conditions on this island are perfect for the innovative concept of Secreto del Sur – linking natural, fresh ice cream pleasure with trendy, aquatic sports.

We created a whole new ice cream experience by inventing our first “Secreto Energy Ice” in 2001 – the Energy-Ice. It's unique because we use natural ingredients from South America. These ingredients offer a variety of uses and contribute appreciably to the healthy and well-balanced nutrition of sportsmen and women, as well as other health-conscious and active people. Additional products like healthy drinks, or powder for making your own energy drinks, meanwhile extend our varieties of products.

Our website offers you insight into our ice cream parlour in Corralejo as well as detailed information about the Secreto del Sur product range.