This evergreen Paraguay tea tree is related to English holly and resembles a bay tree. Mate is found in warm regions like the subtropical Agentinian, Paraguayan and Brazilian forests. Long before colonisation, mate was drunk by South America's natives. Today, in addition to South America and the Canary Islands, mate is also a popular drink in Lebanon and Syria.

Apart from its pleasant taste, mate is appreciated for its health properties. Mate's benefits include increasing endurance, quenching thirst and hunger, assisting digestion and metabolism, as well as stimulating muscle and lung activity. The leaves are rich in vitamin B1, B2, C and A. The active ingredients are stimulating but do not affect sleep, like coffee. Latest investigation shows that mate also lowers the blood pressure. For sportsmen and women, Paraguay tea is popular because it helps recovery from fatigue, benefits oxygen supply and supplements the efficient burning of carbohydrates during training.

Our Energy drinks contain mate powder from Brazil as a natural energy shot.

“Secreto del Sur” products with mate

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