Raw materials


Pleasure from the land

Our varieties of “Secreto del Sur” products have one thing in common: the selection of our raw materials. All ingredients are carefully picked to provide you with natural and delicious products and additional positive effects for your health and vitality.

Ingredients like açaí, mate and acerola have been consumed in their country of origin for hundreds of years, because of their special attributes and characteristics. In Europe most  people are not aware of these at all!

“Secreto del Sur” uses these proven ingredients to produce Energy-products and pass on the goodness of nature. Did you know that the açaí contains an unusual amount of antioxidants? Did you know that the acerola cherry is one of the fruits with the highest amount of vitamin C? Did you know that the coffein in guaraná can motivate you? More about the secrets of our natural ingredients on the following pages...

Assuring quality

When handling all raw materials, we place great value in observing high quality standards. Our fruits are thoroughly dried using the latest technology, so retaining their natural agents and we use neither artificial aromas, conservatives nor dyes. Before packing our products, they are laboratory tested and regular quality controls guarantee a first-class, premium product. This commitment to high quality is mandatory for putting our “Secreto del Sur” products on the market.

All printed information on our raw materials/ingredients is based on publications of universities and medical studies. For further information, please contact us using the contact form.